Bashers come to town

The Charlie's Angels car with crew members June Coleman, Con Pieterse and Vicki Haynes.

After two years in the making, the Variety Bash finally made its way to Roma over the weekend bringing a whole lot of characters into town.

With an eighty-six-car convoy, there were lots of funky-themed cars and crew to look at from Lego to Scooby Doo to the Super Mario Bros.

June Coleman’s car is Charlie’s Angels themed.

“The Charlie’s Angels are fun and more importantly we don’t align ourselves with any particular actresses,” she said.

June said she tries to have an all-female crew but some years that isn’t possible, so she gets a Bosley to join the crew.

“This year we have Con Pieterse in our crew as Bosley.

“If anyone asks where the third Charlie’s Angel is, I just tell them she is on assignment.”

The bash has no age limit with eighty-nine-year-old Beryl Driver completing her twenty-second bash.

“For twenty-one years I had my own car and crew. We were the first all-female crew and were known as the mermaids because I always lived near the water growing up and it felt fitting,” she shared.

“We would get changed into our mermaid outfits every morning at five o’clock and get changed out of them sometimes very late at night because of course we broke down a few times.

“It was very fun as mermaids.”

This year Beryl is travelling with a different crew dressed as a fortune teller and hopes to be around next year when she is ninety.

Since the first Variety Bash in 1985, the Variety Bashes and Motoring Events across Australia have raised almost a quarter of a billion dollars for Variety – the Children’s Charity and the kids they support.

The Variety Bash not only raises money for the kids the charity supports but also provides an economic boom for the communities they travel through as they purchase fuel, accommodation, refreshments, souvenirs, raffle tickets at schools and a whole lot more.

The Variety Bashers were treated to the country hospitality of Edith and Rob Burton early Sunday morning at their Up the Creek Garage before they continued their journey to Rockhampton.