Maranoa celebrates LGBTQ+ youth

Shenen and Shi ready to celebrate Wear it Purple Day.

In anticipation of Wear it Purple Day on Friday, August 26, Lifeline Darling Downs and South West and QPS are hosting events to celebrate the spirit of LGBTQ+ youth in the Maranoa.

On Thursday, August 25, Lifeline host an umbrella walk at 3:30pm starting at the corner of McDowall Street and Quintin Street.

“It is an event for the whole community because it is about visibility and support,” said Shi from Lifeline.

“It is for LGBTQ+ people to feel more at home and to get allies on board with openly expressing their support.”

Lifeline is holding their umbrella walk the day before Wear it Purple Day to encourage the community to do their own celebrations with the official day.

In Partnership with QPS, a community morning tea will be held at the PCYC on Friday, August 26 for further celebrations.

Wear it Purple Day is about showing LGBTQ+ youth that they have the right to be proud of who they are and that they are seen and supported.

Everyone is encouraged to wear purple and on Thursday, walk with confidence under Lifeline’s rainbow umbrellas.