Maranoa’s newest Aussies

Mayor Tyson Golder, Luke Doig, Tayla Doig, Ryan Doig, Greer Doig, Trine Jakobsen, Adam Burke, Rekha Chahar, Felicia Lin and Dianne Sainty.

For many people, the Australian citizenship pledge is the final step in their journey to becoming an Australian.

On Wednesday, August 10, nine Maranoa residents took their pledge in front of family and friends.

Long-time resident Adam Burke moved to Australia from Ireland ten years ago, taking a job as a butcher at Queensland Country Meats with Paul Lavelle.

Not too long after, Adam met his wife Rene in Roma and the two of them started their family here too, welcoming two sons Patrick and Boycie.

“When I packed a bag and moved here, I didn’t know it was going to be the start of a new life for me here in Australia.

“Becoming a citizen means everything to me. It is everything to do with my job and my family and the whole community here in Roma.”

Mayor Tyson Golder proudly congratulated the nine residents on their newfound Australian citizenship and stated the Maranoa is proud to have them call it home.