AVOID SMOKE: Mitchell, Mungallala, and Morven

(Matt Palmer/Unsplash)

Queensland Fire and Emergency services urge Mitchell, Mungallala, and Morven residents to avoid smoke, coming from a fire burning near Canarvon Gorge.

What you should do:

• Stay inside and close windows and doors.

• Keep respiratory medication close by.

• Follow your bushfire survival plan now. If you do not have a bushfire survival plan, make one on the QFES website.

• Avoid driving through smoke if you can.

• Watch out for firefighters working in the area.

• Do not fly drones around the fire. Drones affect air operations.


• No properties are at risk.

• Smoke can make it hard for some people to breathe.

• Smoke can make it hard to see when you are driving.

• Some roads may be closed.

Further Information:

• For all warnings, visit the QFES Current Bushfires and Warnings website.

• Follow QFES on Facebook and Twitter.

• For road closures, visit the QLD Traffic website or call 13 19 40.

• Visit the Department of Environment and Science website for live air quality data.

• Find out how to get ready for a bushfire on the QFES website under Prepare – Bushfire.

Updates will be issued if the situation changes.