Maranoa’s Best with Mrs Claus

Mrs Claus shares her Christmas wishes. PICTURE: CONTRIBUTED

With the Christmas spirit arising in the air, we found Mrs Claus taking it all in, so we got to know her and asked some questions as this week’s Maranoa’s Best guest:

What is your favorite Christmas tradition?

My favorite Christmas tradition in the North Pole is helping with all the decorations and preparations. We love to decorate the tree together and wrap gifts. There is always so much to do. I enjoy cooking biscuits for Santa and the elves while they are busy in the Toy Ship and care for the reindeer too. Besides everyone helping with jobs, I ensure everyone has a hearty meal, a nourishing drink and a good sleep. Above all I like to contact everyone, sending them blessings, joy, love, goodwill, kindness and giving each child a gift. Remember boys and girls, Christmas is a time for giving. Using your lovely manners, being helpful, thoughtful and kind and sharing your beautiful smile doesn’t cost anything. So, spreading Christmas cheer is a favorite Christmas tradition.

How did you meet Santa?

I met Santa a long time ago when he came to buy some reindeer for his sleigh. You see, I had a Reindeer Farm and that is how we met. Santa bought all of his famous reindeer from my farm. The rest is history. We married and now we are Mr and Mrs Claus.

What is your favorite Christmas food?

My favorite Christmas food is sharing and feasting on small amounts of all the yummy food on Christmas Day. (Yes, it is always a real assortment of enticing food that we usually eat too much of – but nevertheless we enjoy it, at the same time with our nearest and dearest.)

Food starters may be nuts, dips, sweets, stone fruit, cheeses, etc. I find it always special to have a ham, choice of roast, prawns, available with homemade sauces/chutneys, vegetables, and various salads.

Old-fashioned plum pudding (loved them as a child cooked in the calico cloth with hidden three Pences and sixpences) butterscotch sauce and custard with cream, ice-cream or trifle, fresh fruit and whipped cream as dessert choices. Homemade ginger beer or fruit punch is so refreshing. Christmas cake, tarts, baked cheesecake, white Christmas and gingerbread and shortbread biscuits are tasty to have with a relaxing cup of Madura Earl Grey Tea at the end of the day.

How do you communicate with the elves and reindeer?

I communicate with the elves and reindeer in the old-fashioned way, by being social and simply talking to them in a kind, caring, thoughtful and helpful manner. Showing gratitude, appreciation and by giving thanks is paramount to maintaining our happy, fun working environment in the North Pole.

Who’s your favorite elf?

All the elves are very special, and I have no favorites. Each elf has their unique attributes and personalities helping in the Toy Shop.

How do cope with the cold of the North Pole?

Coping with the cold in the North Pole requires rugging up with layers of warm clothes made from natural materials. I like to wear my red, white-trimmed jacket with a wide black belt, long red pants, matching hat, warm socks and black boots. Sometimes I wear a beautiful red dress, white trimmed jacket, a warm matching scarf and hat. Cozy, warm fireplaces. Some glogg, healthy food and dancing, all help to keep us warm whilst indoors. We are equipped for the snow and cold which is quite the opposite in regional Queensland, Australia at Christmas time.

Santa has his sleigh; how do you travel?

Santa has his sleigh and sometimes I travel with him, except when we are very busy, I may have to help out, like recently in Goomeri, Queensland. The children were so excited to see me arriving in the fire engine. Sometimes I have to travel in a police car, a helicopter, a sled, a boat or in Santa’s sleigh.

What is Santa’s favorite meal?

Santa enjoys all the festive meals, but loves to discover, cook and eat savoury and sweet dishes from different countries around the world.

What do you do for fun in the North Pole?

For fun in the North Pole, I like to get involved in baking gingerbread biscuits, reading and helping Santa and the Elves write letters, make gifts and meet and greet visitors to the Santa House. I love to write and paint the ever-changing scenery. Outside, I enjoy many adventures, exploring the ice, sightseeing polar bears, walrus and the elusive arctic foxes, visit the arctic tundra and the northern lights, rent a paddle boat, go biking on trails and experience ice-fishing and snow play.

What does Santa do once he’s finished delivering toys?

Once all the toys are delivered, I know I am able to relax. I also enjoy the gift of giving by leaving gifts of Christmas food for lonely, sick, elderly folk and people who have done kind deeds for me during the year, like friends, family and neighbours. Santa receives a big hug and kiss on the cheek, then I thank him and the elves for all their amazing work. After feeding and attending to the reindeer, it’s enjoyable having a nice warm bowl of pumpkin soup with croutons. Whilst taking a warm rose geranium and bergamot bubble bath I think of all the happy faces of the children around the world opening their gifts. At this time, I always give thanks for another safe, fun and successful Christmas season.

Merry Christmas and enjoy a happy and safe new year. Love and best wishes from Mrs Claus.

Side column: Three… favourite carols

Mrs Claus shares her top three favourite Christmas Carols:

1. Jingle Bells is so light and bright and popular with the children. Children enjoy singing Jingle Bells with joy and excitement as it usually is the cue that Mrs Claus is about to arrive.

2. Silent Night always seems so calming when sung holding candles at night.

3. The Twelve Days of Christmas is always a fun song to sing and act out.