Be safe this Halloween

Be safe this Halloween, remember any children need to be accompanied by an adult. PICTURE: QPS

Halloween is creeping up on us and soon there will be hordes of little lolly-crazed zombies, skeletons, vampires and perhaps a Barbie and Ken (or two).

As preparations are made for all the spooky festivities of 31 October, the Queensland Police Service is reminding all the ghouls (and their parents) to trick or treat safely.

Sink your fangs into the following safety tips:

• Even scary monsters should be accompanied by an adult.

• Do your trick or treating before dark (and before all the lollies are gone).

• Trick or treating is the most fun (and safest) in a group.

• Never enter a stranger’s home, even if you’re a vampire and you’ve been invited in.

• Wear bright colours so you can be seen as you’re crossing the road to get to that next house.

• Walk (or shamble, creep, lurch, slither) and don’t run.

• Keep to the footpaths and don’t walk on the road.

Queensland Police have posters for those who leap into the Halloween spirit and also for those who find hordes of little monsters a bit too scary.

The posters are available online at